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Tonko Smokvina


Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1980, Tonko Smokvina is a colorist painter influenced by the vibrant colors of the Adriatic Sea, the Croatian coast, and his historic hometown.  A number of his works feature scenes from this region, such as reefs, sailboats, sea waves, and Dubrovnik’s stone buildings and fortresses.

Tonko graduated from Luka Sorkocevic high school for the arts in Dubrovnik in 1998, then went on to Zagreb to attend its prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied under professor Eugen Kokot.  After graduating in 2003, Tonko returned to Dubrovnik, which has been a great source of inspiration, resulting in several exhibits across Croatia.  In addition to painting, he currently teaches art in Dubrovnik.


2007 Toš Gallery, island of Krk
2006 International Art Colony, Ston
2006 Mato Celestin Medović Gallery, Kuna
2005 Klarisa Gallery, Dubrovnik
2005 International Art Colony, Ston
2005 Art Colony at Trnovica
2005 Caffe Bar Gallery, Dubrovnik
2004 “The Dubrovnik Art Moment”,  Art Gallery of the City of Dubrovnik (collective)
2003 Graduation exhibition at the Academy of Arts Gallery, Zagreb (collective)
2002 Passion Heritage,  ”My experience of the Passion”, Gallery of Kristofer Stanković, Zagreb (collective)
1998 Graduation exhibition, Art Gallery of the City of Dubrovnik (collective)